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        China's generating capacity has been ranked first in the world

        Source:新华网 Number of visits: Date:2012年3月13日 08:44

        National People's Congress, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission Chairman Wu-hsiung said the Chinese power industry is developing rapidly, the current installed capacity of 1.06 billion kilowatts, ranking second in the world, the annual power generation amounted to 4.8 trillion kwh, ranking first in the world.

        Wu Xinxiong participate in the Jiangxi delegation discussing the government work report that the future SERC will be tackling three key power supervision, including energy development strategy for the country's power to do regulatory work; the country's electricity industry and improve the market mechanism to achieve an open and fair fair, standardized and orderly development of competition do regulatory work; good service for local economic development of social sciences and the rapid and healthy development.

        He introduced the State Electricity Regulatory Commission will do a good job of grid scientific control, efforts to alleviate the economic development and electricity supply and demand; urging the power companies to speed up the process of construction of power projects, provide the basis of installed capacity for economic and social development; strive to promote the electricity reform, in particular, do high-level project to develop the great potential for a large user direct purchase of electricity from the pilot service; to carry out a nationwide special regulatory actions to improve the quality of residential electricity, security efforts for the people, rest assured, satisfied with the electricity good service.

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