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        Technical and economic security of UHV power grid becomes increasingly obvious environmental safety

        Source:英大网 Number of visits: Date:2012年3月13日 08:39

        March 9, the National People's Congress, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Xue Yusheng, the honorary president of the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute to accept with Xinhua Friends of the interaction, talked about the development and application of UHV power grid in China.

        The basic national conditions of China's energy distribution away from the load center, determine With the continuous development of the mode of economic growth, growing demand for secondary energy, power transmission, will show the increasing distance, the increasing scale of features . China will form a large-scale electric power, "Nortel south to give a" power flow, power resource is bound was large-scale, long-distance, high-efficiency development trend. Therefore, only speed up the construction of the UHV and the smart grid, in order to really protect the energy security and environmental security.

        Energy distribution to determine the direction of development

        Xue Yusheng said the country for a long period, coal will be the main source of energy, while coal accounts for 1/2 of the national coal consumption. Load centers mainly in the eastern coastal areas of the land area of ​​East China accounted for less than 5%, but it creates 30% of the GDP of the country. With the newly discovered areas of growing electricity demand, coal and other primary energy farther and farther, so the coal and other energy transport distance.

        Users may be able to direct use of primary energy use efficiency is very low, the negative effects of the environment is also very large. If we need to be able to increase efficiency, to increase environment-friendly and user-friendly when we need to be the primary energy into electricity, available to end users. In the early stages of development of power industry, power grid voltage level is low, the supply area is relatively small, only to improve the voltage level in order to increase the supply area.

        Xue Yusheng recommends the development of UHV power grid into the "12th Five-Year Development Plan, approved to start UHV as soon as possible, wants the state to give the necessary support, to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, the innovative technology to the international "Made in China" developed into "Created in China" or even "China leads the world's energy security and environmental security, to contribute.

        Technological innovation to lead the network development

        Xue Yusheng, referring to the technical innovation that the power grid security by the combined effects of many factors. His analysis, our country's power grid is very weak in the past, but a major system crash event has not occurred in China, but in the grid is very robust in the United States, Canada, Western Europe. Thanks to China's evolving security technology, management technology, control technology, in particular the development of control technology and automation technology is very good, so our piece of technology has been far ahead of developed countries.

        From the second perspective, the technology of China EPRI has been good, the State Grid EPRI established a grid stability analysis to quantify the theory, which is so far the only practical theory. and build a defense system, has reached more than 2/3 provincial power grid.

        Economic benefits driven by social

        Xue Yu odds calculation: from UHV DC Hami to Zhengzhou, plus or minus 800 kV UHV DC project, the transmission capacity is 8 million kilowatts, the distance is over 2.2 thousand km, the transmission cost is? 8 cents. Thermal power in Xinjiang's Internet benchmark price is 15 cents, Henan is the angle 3 minutes and 9%, in the middle there is an angle difference of 9 points. The UHV money. The median price of space is a dime. This explains the UHV reflected from the economic to the social, to participate in the benefits of UHV parties. A dime can be used to reduce the tariff of the people, can also be used to improve the life of the coal and electricity integration, the country is very good.

        From a practical point of view, UHV can alleviate and reduce the risk of transportation energy channels and pressure. Our long-term in terms of coal energy, coal of primary energy, or to rely on rail and road transport, half of the capacity of the railway is the capacity to send these coal, so a natural disaster, our power plant emergency. If you use road transport of coal, also a great deal of confusion, may prevent other traffic.

        UHV power transmission in the long run, is very economical as a means. For example, we are familiar with the city to traffic, if we do not have the highway can also use the development of urban roads remain for some time, but this far away, to a certain extent high cost at the beginning of the highway , it will solve the same problem much better than local roads.

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