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        China's nuclear power approval is expected to restart during the year

        Source:上海证券报 Number of visits: Date:2012年3月13日 08:31

        The Fifth Session of Eleventh CPPCC National Committee held a press conference on new energy and clean energy "on the morning of the 10th. CPPCC member Wang Binghua, chairman of the State Nuclear Power Technology Company, briefed the meeting, after the occurrence of the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan last year, the Chinese government attaches great importance to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection, construction, operation of nuclear power and nuclear facilities. The inspection work has ended. According to his personal judgment, the Chinese government is expected to resume this year, the nuclear power plant project approval.

        Binghua, said: "Fukushima accident, the Chinese government attaches great importance to China is currently building and running nuclear power and nuclear facilities to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection. So far, the check has been completed. Also requires, in the inspection process the problem is not resolved, the problem is not to solve or not to take the necessary emergency measures and means arranged in the planning which, before the Chinese government no longer approve new nuclear power projects. So far, the inspection of the process, a total of 14 areas rectification of the problem. Some of these issues has been completely resolved out, some being addressed, and some have been included in the three-year transformation plan in my own judgment, the Chinese government this year to restore the nuclear power plant project approval.

        "China's development of nuclear power will not engage in 'Great Leap Forward', but we do not have to engage in 'Great Leap Forward', all the preparation in construction projects, is entirely within the scope of the Government's planning, fully in the government's industrial guide policy, fully line with the requirements of the corresponding laws and regulations of the international and national nuclear safety standards. "Binghua said.

        Siting of nuclear power plants, with a view of the nuclear power plant should be built in the inland areas. This Binghua do not agree, he said, inland nuclear power plant design criteria and coastal nuclear power plant is completely consistent, liquids, solids, gases, there will be more strict constraints and requirements, safety can be protected.

        Vice Chairman of the Economic Commission of the CPPCC National Committee also endorsed Binghua point of view, and for example the U.S. nuclear power plants are mostly built in the inland. Zhang said: "the United States there are 104 reactors in operation, 100 in the interior. February 9, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission after 34 years for the first time approved the establishment of a new nuclear power plant, just last month in the United States, I asked these two nuclear power plant was built in what areas? inland or coastal? answer my built on the lake in the interior. "

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