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        FD Fan, ID Fan Damper Control, Burner tilt Control

        When conditions require improvement in combustion efficiency and restrict stack emissions the precise control of the burner tilts and dampers is required. The precise control of REXA can allow the proper combining of air and fuel to improve the combustion efficiency, reduce chemical pollution allowing for operation stability. REXA should be considered to increase efficiency and offer environmental protection.



        Advantages of the REXA actuator applied on burner tilt control:
        1) 100% continuous modulating capability

        2) Ease of installation and set up

        3) Fast response, positioning precision 0.15%

        4) Integrated sealing, powerful and, no scheduled maintenance. 


        Applications of REXA on FD Fan dampers:
        •  Reliability
        •  Precision control (reducing fuel consumption and emissions)
        •  100% duty cycle
        •  Low maintenance 


        ID Fan Damper Actuator (before retrofit, left)

        ID Fan Damper Actuator (after retrofit, right)

        •  Reliability
        •  Precision control of furnace pressure, prevents boiler shut-down during large load changes
        •  100% duty cycle
        •  Low maintenance


        Applicable Products:

        • REXA Electraulic Actuator from USA

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